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About Woo Yeah Baby that’s what I have been waiting For 

Woo Yeah Baby that’s what I have been waiting for!

Charles Xavier “Charlie” White Jr. (born: August 2, 1994 [age 26]), better known online as penguinz0 (also known as Cr1TiKaL, Big Moist, moistcr1tikal, and GreaseBall), is an American YouTube commentator, Twitch streamer and card collector who has received attention for his dry humor and repetition in the usage of the words ‘nipple’ and ‘titties’, which has become synonymous with his character.

His choice of sentences is always very sarcastic and he often repeats one “bored burger” joke and claims that it is the greatest joke of all time and always emphasizes how funny it is despite it being so lame that nobody has ever laughed or even had a reaction towards it.

He is often regarded as one of the “Funniest YouTube Commentators”, being ranked first by the percentage of votes in the “Top-ten” website, under the category of “Funniest YouTube Commentators”. He is one of the four members of the Official Podcast, along with Zealot, Huggbees, and Kaya. He is a seasoned actor, chess grandmaster, (accidental) award-winning author, and expert on Karens.


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