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About She Belongs to the Streets

She Belongs To The Streets, also known as She Is For The Streets, is a slang expression taken from the book NIGGALATIONS: The Lost book of Ghetto Philosophers, and later popularized by the rapper Future. The phrase is typically used to accuse women of being sexually promiscuous. If a woman “belongs to the streets,” she isn’t sleeping with just one person. This slang commonly appears online as a catchphrase or copypasta in memes as captions, in video commentaries or in comments and replies.


The most commonly seen form of the copypasta is pulled directly from the 2018 book NIGGALATIONS: The Lost book of Ghetto Philosophers[1] by Derrick Mingo. In the book, the verse comes from Niggalations 14:28, seen in this form:

“From the streets did she emerge, and to the streets she will return. And I say unto you, she is for the streets. So be not weary, when she must return from whence she came.”

In September 2019, the rapper Future can be heard uttering the quote, “She belongs to the streets,” in a video from social media, which helped spread the expression. On September 3rd, 2019, the YouTube account jaleezy uploaded the clip to their channel, receiving over 500,000 views, 12,000 likes and 452 comments.


Source: knowyourmeme