It is what it is Sound Effect

it is what it is sound effect
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Audio Preview


It Is What It Is refers to a viral video of a teenager laughing and saying “It is what it is,” with his friends repeating the phrase after him. In March 2020, the video gained popularity in lipsync memes on TikTok, with the video also being used as in reaction memes on Instagram. The video is often used to express satisfaction with an imperfect opportunity or a result.


Where did the “it is what it is” meme come from? The exact origin of the video is unknown. On December 18th, 2019, YouTube user Dr Prominent reposted a video of a teen laughing and saying “It is what it is” with an African accent, with a group of teens standing near also laughing and repeating the phrase after him. The video received over 352,700 views on YouTube in four months (shown below).

Source: knowyourmeme