Chupapi Munyanyo Tik Tok

Chupapi Munyanyo Tik Tok sound effect download for free mp3
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About Chupapi Munyanyo Tik Tok Sound Effect

Chupapi Munyanyo Tik Tok Sound effect 

Social media users love to make up words and phrases as part of their own special language. Usually, if you see someone on TikTok or Instagram using an acronym or phrase you don’t understand — like CC or “no cap” — it’s part of the vernacular largely popularized by Gen Z, the online generation.

The mysterious word “muñañyo” is very much one of these made-up terms. The word — which can also be spelled “muñaño” — recently started to circulate all over TikTok, to the point that it’s inspired its own devout fan base, known as the muñañyo gang.

Source: intheknow


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