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About Bruh Sound

Bruh Sound Effect #2 refers to a soundbite of a person saying the word “Bruh” in a dissapointed manner. Originating from a popular Vine, the soundbite later became know as “Bruh Sound Effect #2”. Starting in Autumn 2018, the soundbite saw use in memes on Instagram and Reddit as a way to ironically convey feelings of frustration and being let down, while the name of the soundbite was circulated as a textual reaction.

On May 1st, 2014, Viner CallHimBzar[1] posted a video of former high school basketball star Tony Farmer momentarily collapsing in court after being sentenced, accompanied by a dubbed voiceover clip of his friend and fellow Viner Headgraphix saying “Bruh.” In the first five months, the video received over 440,000 loops and 5,600 likes.

Source: knowyourmeme


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